Qualities of a WHEELS Graduate


WHEELS Graduates can… 

Monitor and Advance Learning
Set goals and monitor progress
Apply appropriate and timely strategies to different situations
Build personal strengths and identify obstacles and seek solutions/resources
Incorporate feedback from multiple outlets
Revise multiple drafts to meet professional standards
Develop comprehensive study skills
Manage time to prioritize responsibilities and develop competence

Develop and Demonstrate Intellectual Competencies
Use language and big ideas of a content area in novel tasks and contexts
Formulate problems and generate hypotheses
Identify the data/information/sources needed to solve
Integrate new knowledge into background schema
Evaluate, analyze, and synthesize multiple sources of information
Construct justifiable arguments and counterarguments grounded in evidence
Critique arguments for reasoning, bias, and limitations
Ask questions to probe deeper, connect, and/or make learning relevant

Work Collaboratively
View learning as a social process
Monitor group goals, progress, and process
Acknowledge and integrate different points of view
Cooperate to create solutions to academic, social, vocational, and personal challenges
Demonstrate integrity with all community members
Communicate Effectively
Organize and represent information quantitatively and qualitatively
Consider audience and purpose
Adapt actions to context (aka code-switch)
Listen actively and check to ensure comprehension before reply
Demonstrate Social Consciousness
Analyze the larger world and the need for change
Address problems of injustice inside and outside the school community
Engage civically in the larger community

Tend to Self
Advocate for self with balance of respect and confidence
Demonstrate growth mindset – with effort comes competence
Cope with adversity
Demonstrate pride in self and work
Tend to Others
Demonstrate empathy for others in seeking to understand their perspective
Demonstrate compassion for others in acting on their empathy