Character and Crew

Community Values and HOWLs
At WHEELS, we recognize that a variety of academic and character skills are a necessity for success in high school, college, and beyond. Among the character traits we strive to help students develop are:

Community Values
Integrity: I show courage to make positive choices and act honorably.
Collaboration: I work with others to accomplish more than what I could on my own.
Respect: I honor myself and my community through my thinking and actions.
Compassion: I work to understand the similarities and differences we share.
Responsibility: I manage my time and resources.
Craftsmanship: I reflect on my work and make revisions to create high quality products.
Perseverance: I push through my challenges.
Curiosity: I participate fully in class.

Crews are small groups that meet at designated times set apart from the standard class schedule. Crew includes academic advising, individual goal setting, character development and explicit teaching of study skills. In Crew, students learn to be agents of self-change, to take responsibility for their learning, and to develop mentoring relationships with adults and peers. Crews participate together in adventure experiences, fitness activities, and service learning. Crews also provide an opportunity for students to build close relationships with their crew leaders. Crew leaders are responsible for tracking and supporting the behavioral and academic success of students and maintaining strong communication with families. Additionally, crew leaders facilitate the preparation for and implementation of Student-Led Conferences.

Student-Led Conferences (SLCs)
WHEELS considers the relationship between students’ families and the school to be of paramount importance. At three times during the school year, the school invites students and their families to attend formal conferences during which report cards are given to families. At WHEELS, Student-Led Conferences replace the traditional parent/teacher conference. SLCs are attended by the student, a parent/guardian, the crew advisor, and other adults the student would like present. The crew leader facilitates the meeting, but the student is in charge.

For the 2016-2017 school year, SLCs will be held on:
Thursday, November 17th 2016
Thursday, February 9th 2017
Thursday, April 27th 2017

You can see great examples of SLC’s from WHEELS students here.

Passage Portfolios
At the end of 8th and 12th grades, students at WHEELS create and present a personal Passage Portfolio, which demonstrates their ability to be metacognitive about the overarching trajectory of their educational experience and character development. Passage Portfolio presentations empower students to articulate and demonstrate their learning experiences in a meaningful way while offering students the opportunity to both privately and publicly reflect upon their growth, their contributions to the community, their school experience, and their futures. The 12th grade presentations highlight college readiness. All students present to a panel, consisting of members of the school community, the family, and outside professionals. 8th and 12th grade teachers will facilitate their students’ panels . All other faculty are expected to sit on at least one passage portfolio panel and celebrate the work of our 8th graders and seniors.