Apply Now

We are excited to learn more about your practice. At WHEELS, we frequently engage in “Looking at Student Work” protocols to learn more about the learning that happened in a classroom. To that end, please email with the following:

  1. A task from your classroom, including the learning targets or objectives, and the criteria for assessment

  2. Three examples of student work (one that exceeds standards, one that meets standards, and one that approaches standards) from that task

  3. Reflection on the task and the student work (in 200-400 words), specifically addressing:

    1. What does the student work show that students learned?

    2. What was an important intervention you used during this unit to support a student or students?

    3. What was one important learning that you would apply the next time you teach this unit?

    4. Your resume

After reviewing the task and student work, we will follow-up to learn more about your practice and what you are looking for in your next school. Further steps could include submitting a video of your classroom practice, a phone call, and/or a visit to WHEELS for interviews with students, staff, and families and a demo lesson.